Dorene Balmer, PhD

Director of Research on Pediatric Education

Balmer, who had spent 15 years at CHOP as a clinical neonatal nutritionist, returned to assume this new role that supports and strengthens the education mission of Children’s Hospital. She will study the most effective ways to educate pediatricians-in-training and work to share CHOP’s education successes nationally. Our Department of Pediatrics has been ranked the No. 1 by U.S. News & World Report in its last four surveys of U.S. medical schools.

Breakthrough moment

“In doing research into narrative medicine, an approach to care that honors the stories of patients and providers, I came across physicians who were talking about how stories — fiction such as Out Stealing Horses and Push, or books by Toni Morrison and Henry James — worked on them, how stories animated their lives as doctors. Before doing this research, I had never read fiction because, in my mind, it wasn’t real. But since that introduction, I’ve voraciously consumed stories! Narrative medicine changed how I do my work as a researcher in medical education — honoring everyone’s story.”

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